6:00 PM

Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month

Floodwood City Hall 111 West 8th Avenue Floodwood, MN 55736


City Council 

The Floodwood City Council comprises four elected council members and an elected mayor. The Mayor and Council Members are voted at-large. Each council member serves a four-year term, staggered so that every two years, two positions are up for election. The mayor is elected to a two-year term.

The City Council are elected representatives of the City and have many statutory duties including, but not limited to:
  • Adopting ordinances, resolutions, and policies, and entering into contracts
  • Approving and adopting the City's financial operations with the advice of staff including:
    • Levying taxes
    • Adopting a budget
    • Borrowing money
    • Designating depositories
  • Appointing members to the Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Committee and Revolving Loan Committee
  • Plan for the future of the City through development and adopting a Comprehensive Plan for growth
  • Protect the welfare of the citizens through its ordinances, fire protection, police protection, roads, utilities, and infrastructure maintenance
  • Provide community leadership
The Council also holds responsibilities in various other areas, including but not limited to buildings, legal actions, streets, parks, water, and sewer management.
Current Floodwood City Council 
Mayor Tad Farrell - Tad was appointed Mayor effective June 1, 2021 after the resignation of Mayor Dave DeNoyer. Tad is currently serving his sixth term on the City Council after running a successful campaign from military service in Iraq!    Tad is a graduate of Floodwood High School, a veteran, an iron worker, and has organized the Floodwood Catfish Festival. Tad's terms expires 12/31/2024.
Clerk Melinda Felknor- Melinda was elected City Clerk in November of 2022, and is currently serving her first term. Melinda is active in the community in many ways including the SW St. Louis County Fair Board, Floodwood Music Boosters, and Floodwood Girl Scouts.  Melinda is a Floodwood graduate and employed by United Health Care. Melinda is a voting member of the City Council. Melinda's terms will expire 12/31/2026.


City Councilor Krystal Bartizal - Krystal was appointed to the City Council to a seat vacated with the resignation of Councilor Josh Lassila.   Krystal is a business owner and also serves as President for the Floodwood Business Community Partnership. Krystal was appointed to the Council on January 9th, 2024. Krystal's term expires 12/31/2024.


City Councilor Derek Hart- Derek is serving his second term on the Floodwood City council. Derek and his family are active with the Floodwood School athletic department specifically the volleyball program. Derek's term expires 12/31/2024.


City Councilor Tim Lamping - Tim was appointed to the City Council on July 27th, 2021 to a vacated seat which was created when Tad Farrell was appointed Mayor. Tim is an employee of Keetac and served six years as a lobbyist for Steelworkers Union / National Steel of Keewatin, MN. Prior to his appointment he served on the Parks and Recreation Board. Tim’s term expires 12/31/2026.


Treasurer Faith Suonvieri - Faith is serving her seventh term as treasurer.  Faith is also a Floodwood graduate and is a supervisor at the Northwoods Credit Union. Faith is a non-voting member of the Council but works closely with the Deputy Clerk in financial operations. Faith's term expires 12/31/2026.