Spring Flood Preparedness Press Release


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”With the above average snowfall this winter, the potential for spring flooding across our area is increasing. Heavy spring rains and melting snow saturate the ground until the water just can’t be absorbed anymore. Rivers, lakes, and creeks could be filled to overflowing, and could result in flooding. Sometimes flooding is minor, but often the results are devastating.

To better prepare for what could be ahead, the Floodwood Police Department is reminding residents to take measures to prepare themselves in the event flooding occurs again this year. If your home has been prone to flooding or water in the basement in the past, police urge you to take any preventative measures you can. Chief Matteson states “Now is the time to ensure your sump pump is in working order. Move items that are being stored on the basement floor or in low areas, to a higher location on if at all possible. Also, consider which friends and family you may be able to call upon to help you if you need to move items or help sandbag if needed.”

Additional flood preparedness information can be found at: