Who do I contact when my toilets will not flush or my drains will not drain?

  • The City of Floodwood maintains main sewer lines only. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the line from their building/home to the street.  The sanitary sewer on the private property my back up occasionally, which can often be caused by blockage in the private line.  Please call a plumber to clear the line.

I do not have water service? Have I been shut off?

  • The City of Floodwood may occasionally shut off the water in your neighborhood for emergency repairs.  In most cases, we have enough time and staff to call you before we do this.  Call 218-476-2751 to report water outages.
  • The City of Floodwood water/sewer ordinance states that your service may be shut off if your payment is 40 or more days delinquent.  Call 218-476-2751 to arrange payments.

Who do I call if I have broken or leaky water line?

  • The City of Floodwood maintains main water lines only. Call a plumber if you have a leak.

My water has a strange odor, is this normal?

  • There are two reasons why you may have a strange oder in your water.  First, your home may be located on a water main that  'dead ends'.  The City of Floodwood water department flushes these mains two times a year to control the odor.  The water is prefectly safe to drink.  Second, you may have sedament in the water lines in your home or in your water heater.  Call a plumber to have your lines and tank cleaned.