The FST Recycling Drop-off Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience free of charge!
The Following Recyclable Items are Accepted:
  • PAPER: newspaper, magazines, phone books, office paper (no envelopes with cellophane windows or carbon paper)
  • CARDBOARD: all kinds
  • STEEL CANS: all clean cans & lids
  • PLASTICS: # 1 and #2. Plastic pop, milk, & laundry jugs
  • GLASS: all clean types (no florescent bulbs, light bulbs, mirrors or window panes)
  • ALUMINUM: all
  • EMPTY INKJET & LASER CARTRIDGES: must not be broken
  • CELL PHONES: all kinds
The Following Items ARE NOT Accepted:
  • TOYS
  • PLASTICS: #3 - 7
*Cameras are posted around the recycling center. It is illegal to dump garbage and other non recycling items. Those disposing of things that are not accepted will be held accountable.
Recycling Pick-Up
  • FREE - residents who live within one mile of Floodwood City Limits.
  • $5.00 - businesses within Floodwood City Limits.
  • $10.00 - residents and businesses outside Floodwood City Limits.
To schedule a regular recycling pick-up, please contact FST to be put on the rotation schedule.

Any questions please call Chris or Barb at Floodwood Services and Training (218) 476-2230.