The City of Floodwood meter reading schedule calls for reading water meters on a monthly basis.  Inclement weather, lack of access to the meter, or staffing levels on the reading date my result in an estimated reading.  You will receive a tag on your door asking you to call in your meter reading if we can't.  If you do not call in the reading your usage will be estimated.


  • Water Base Rate $34.50 per month
  • Water Use $3.70/1,000 gallons
  • Sewer Base Rate $20.40 per month
  • Sewer Use $3.70/1,000 gallons
  • Enterprise Investment Fee $3.00 per month
    (earmarked for future improvements to system)
  • Water Testing Fee $0.97 per month (effective 3/1/2020)
    (fee imposed by the MDH)
  • Late Fee $15.00 per month
  • Street Light Utility $1.35 per month
    (used to offset the cost of all street lighting)
  • Sales Tax (commerical users) 7.375%


Contractor or Non-resident: $25.00/one thousand gallons plus $75.00 availability fee per year.